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Water is life. It helps people flourish and prosper. It can make or break a community, a business, a region. This is the case across the world, from the USA and UK to Australia, India and Indonesia.

Water Source presents a unique solution to the challenge of securing reliable, clean drinking water.

The idea for Water Source was borne when Graeme Wise sought to remedy the lack of clean drinking water at his Australian property. Graeme saw an opportunity to provide reliable access to clean drinking water, especially in areas that might have previously been considered unprofitable or difficult to access.

Graeme is Chairman of the Board of the Adidem Group, an innovative business that combines economic success with positive social change. The team at Adidem worked with PA Consulting in the United Kingdom to bring Graeme’s idea to life.

Water Source recognises that clean and consistent water supply is not only an issue that affects developing countries and communities. Cases of major cities at risk of running out of water are becoming more frequent.

In fact, it is estimated that in only five years, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas that will require innovative solutions in order to treat water and support life.

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Twelve years on from that visit to Timor Leste, after intensive research and development, Water Source is ready for commercialisation as a global solution for drinking water in a range of scenarios and operating environments.

Trials commenced in 2017 in southern Australia and expanded into Timor Leste in 2018. In-field testing in Scotland and northern Australia will occur throughout the remainder of 2020.

The unique proposition that Water Source is bringing to the market is the ability to provide constant quality assurance of the water being produced by the unit. This is achieved by combining four elements which, together, place Water Source beyond the current solutions in the market.

The investment that has been made in developing Water Source to the point of being able to deliver this is significant.

Now, Water Source is looking for commercial partners who are interested in investing and bringing the Water Source vision to life, on the global stage.

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We are proud to work with all our partners to deliver our innovative product and services.