Having successfully built and trialed proof-of-concept prototypes for small-scale water treatment plants in Australia and Timor Léste, we have recently moved our focus to the UK and engaged with partners to make our product more robust and ready for commercialisation by the end of 2020.


Our treatment unit produces validated potable water using an on-board control system and Critical Control Points to ensure efficacy in the filtration and disinfection process. Designed for both low maintenance cycles and low power consumption, the units are monitored and managed remotely using the Internet-of-Things and AWS. These technologies have allowed us to use data gathered for predictive longitudinal performance and preventative maintenance regimes – greatly reducing overheads associated with traditional water treatment solutions.


The UK Global Entrepreneur Programme provides Water Source with opportunities to fast-track our UK operations with guidance to grow our business internationally, access to business and investor networks and navigating R&D support as well as other UK government services.


For more information on the programme, see https://www.great.gov.uk/international/content/invest/how-to-setup-in-the-uk/global-entrepreneur-program/